Race Simulation

With two weeks until my first race of the season (Kinetic Half), Saturday was my second and final “race simulation” type-workout. Ideally I would have done a solo effort on my triathlon bike, with extended intervals at half-ironman power, followed by a brick run at half-ironman race pace. However, with my triathlon bike in the bike shop, I took the opportunity to join a group ride on Saturday morning. I did about an hour of steady riding before joining the group.

Out of practice for group rides, its always a struggle adapting to constant surges and spikes in power that I don’t get while training solo. I managed to hang with the group for most of the loop before detouring to take a different route home. The prospect of being dropped provided strong motivation to push myself pretty hard several times to chase back onto the group.

As part of my “race-simulation” attempt, I practiced my race day nutrition with a Honey Stinger bar and waffle, and a bottle of Base Performance drink. Though with temperatures tipping above 90 degrees, I probably needed to take in more fluid to have a chance to run well in the heat.

Getting off the bike, my legs felt the effects of the group bike ride a little more than they would have from a solo and more steady effort (even at the same average power). Though the legs fairly quickly came around and I felt good ticking off low 5:50s miles on the flat C&O towpath. Unfortunately, about 3 miles in, the heat and dehydration started to have their effects as I felt fairly sapped of energy. Knowing the forecast, I had somewhat prepared for this contingency, and opted to cut the tempo portion of the brick run to 5 miles (7 miles total for the run), rather than the initially planned 6-7 miles at race pace. Though running slightly faster than half-ironman race pace felt fairly comfortable, the hot weather made a longer run, even backed off 10-20 seconds/mile, was less feasible.

The combination of not drinking enough on the bike followed by running in the heat of the day left me feeling pretty wrecked. Sunday, thankfully, was a little more relaxed. I was able to just do an abbreviated long run from Road Runner Sports in Falls Church with other DC Tri Elite teammates without having to worry at all about pace or intensity.


The weekend topped off a decent week of training, though with a somewhat disappointing mid-week interval run workout. Overall, its comforting knowing that my hardest workouts prior to Kinetic Half are now in the books. Still plenty of work left, but somewhat downhill from here.


AM 7M easy run
PM 2000yd swim [aerobic ladder]
AM 110min bike trainer [4×20’@250W w/ 3′]
PM 8M easy run + 25min yoga
AM 3x[1M@10K, 800m@5K] w/ 2′
PM 2000yd swim [15×100@1:10 on 1:25]
AM 65′ Hains Bike [4×6’@310W]
PM 2400yd swim [5×400 on 5:20] + 2M jog
AM 6M easy run
PM 1750 swim [aerobic pyramid]
AM 3:15 bike [Extended Group Ride] + 7M transition run [5M@5:52 + 2M easy]
PM 5M easy run
AM 12M run [fast finish] + bike to RRS Falls Church
PM 2:00 aerobic ride

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