Feels like spring

After a hard threshold run on Friday morning, I still wanted to squeeze in a long run on Saturday. So I ran about 15 miles easy, with a decent amount on trails, and didn’t try to fit in any tempo work– just getting the miles in.

Sunday was great weather for a long ride with a bunch of folks from DC Tri. I did a chunk of the ride in a group of about half-a-dozen, as well as a decent portion in a smaller group of 2-3. Having company for the long rides makes them go by pretty quickly, and you end up putting out a decent effort without thinking about it much.


Having not done many brick workouts up to this point, and with only 5 weeks to go until Kinetic Half, I made sure to run a couple of miles off the bike. Nothing too hard, and certainly not very long, but just enough to remind myself of how the legs feel coming off a solid ride.

Overall, a solid week’s training. The two weekday run workouts (a 4x1600m and a 5 mile threshold run) were among the best performances I’ve had for those workouts.


Last Week’s Training:

AM Rubicon -3 [3×10’@310W w/ 8′]
PM 2000yd swim [4×400@4:50 on 5:20]
AM 4x1600m@5:20, 5:21, 5:23, 5:20 w/ 3:30 jog
PM 2100yd swim [3×600 fartlek] + extended bike commute
AM 80min Hains bike [60’@243W]
PM 2000yd swim [aerobic ladder] + 20min yoga
AM 7M steady run [with 4x20s pickups]
PM 2100yd swim [3×600 fartlek] + 20min yoga
AM 5M threshold run [10M w/5M@5:50] at Hains
PM 2000yd swim [8×200@2:23 on 2:50]
AM 15M long run
PM 40M bike + 20min core
AM 4:00 ride w/ DCTri [76M@225W normalized] + 2M transition run
PM 8M steady run

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