FTP Test

Saturday was my first outdoor FTP test. After having done these 20min FTP tests indoors every 8 weeks for the past few months, this was my first outdoor test. Despite a consistent 8 weeks of bike training, my confidence was somewhat low after a few consecutive poor workouts. Therefore, I was thankful to be doing the test outdoors, rather than having a direct comparison with prior tests.

The other benefit of doing the test outdoors was to be able to dial in the intensity of my specific workouts for the next six weeks prior to my first race, and giving myself an idea of the power I can hold in the race itself.

For the FTP test, I used the lightly-trafficked 3M loop at Hains point. I followed the protocol of a 5-minute all-out clearing effort, followed by the 20-minute test. I ended up at 310W for the 20-minute test, correlating with an FTP of about 295W.

Last Week’s Training (Recovery Week):

AM Mills [3x3x2’@[330W] w/ 3′ and 6′]
PM 2100yd swim [6×300 on 4:00] + 4M easy trail run
AM 5×800@2:47 w/2′ on canal
PM 1800yd swim [aerobic ladder]
AM Fang Mountain 75′ [4×9′ (1’@95%, 2’@100%) w/ 6′]
PM 2000yd swim [15×100@1:09 on 1:25]
AM 6M trail run
PM 2000yd swim [aerobic ladder] + 20min yoga
AM 60min bike trainer [5×1’@330W + 10’@240W]
PM 7M steady run
AM 3:00 ride at Hanis [20min FTP Test +2×20’@265W + 60min easy]
PM 8M steady Run + 25min yoga
AM 16M long run [5M@6:04]
PM 60min road bike + 90min steady TT bike

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