Season Planning

After a more flexible two week holiday training schedule, it’s time to nail down the training skeleton for the early season.

The few weeks around Christmas, without consistent access to a good bike and nursing an IT band on the run, my training philosophy was simply to get some decent work in when I could. But heading back into my routine, it’s also time to lay out my key workouts up through planned early season races at Kinetic Half and Rock Hall Olympic.


While still playing it by ear with my running, being sensitive to my IT band, I began by laying out a decently intensive schedule of indoor cycling workouts. After about 8 weeks of a base phase of Sweet Spot training (85-90% FTP), January begins a build phase. Most of the weeks are roughly structured with mid-week rides of a VO2 workout and a Sweet Spot or threshold workout.

The running schedule, though tentative for the early weeks, consists of mid-week threshold or tempo run, and a repetition or interval run. The weekends almost always include a long run, often including a tempo segment as well.

The latter mid-week workout, the repetition or interval workout, is going to start in the early weeks with roughly one-minute long reps at 4:40-5:00 pace with decent rest. Eventually the repetitions get a little longer, before morphing into shorter-rest, longer intervals at closer to 5K pace.

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